Choice Women Empowerment
Helping Women Find Their Voice

Helping Empower Women to 
Find Their Voice

"A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman." —Melinda Gates
Choice Women Empowerment
Human trafficking and domestic abuse are some of the most pressing concerns many in our society are faced with. Most of the victims are women and children, and many of them suffer in silence, wanting to cry out for help but not sure if anyone would heed their call. 

Throughout history, countless women and children have been taken advantage of, abused, and have suffered tremendous pain and injustice from illegal human trafficking and domestic abuse. These not only hurt them physically but also inflict an unimaginable amount of pain on their mental and emotional health. It is not uncommon to see children and women who have been scarred for life from traumatic events brought about by trafficking and abuse. 

Choice Women Empowerment

"The Mission of Choice Women Empowerment Is to Educate & Empower Socially & Economically Disadvantaged / Abused Women w/ Children To Make Healthy Choices In Their Lives by Providing Them With Programs & Services That Meet Their Needs, Preparing Them For A Healthy Successful Future…"

Here at Choice Women Empowerment, our goal is to help women and children overcome their past and present predicament to be able to move forward into the future in a better, more positive light. We aim to empower those who have been abused and taken advantage of, by giving them a platform where they can speak out against these abuses being committed in our country and in many other countries as well.

As a service oriented organization committed to helping women and children who have gone through so much suffering and pain, we provide human trafficking resources and domestic violence resources Fresno CA women and children can use to get back on their feet and start anew.

We believe that everybody deserves to live the happy, healthy and productive life they want. No matter how dark or painful your circumstances may have been in the past, we at Choice Women Empowerment are here to help you get past all that and step forward in the right direction.